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Vancouver Clinic The

2525 NE 139th St, Vancouver, WA 98686
Vancouver Clinic The Mojo 3/ 5
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Wednesday, December 10, 2008
Kind and genuine by Tamara P. at InsiderPages
Dr. Bader is a kind and genuine man, who listens and has always taken excellent care of both of my children (now ages 10 and 13) since their birth. He has a heart of gold. I am very impressed that he volunteers on a regular basis at the free clinic. If you are looking for an excellent pediatrician, I would highly recommend this wonderful doctor.

Recommended: Yes
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Allergy Medications, Diabetic Supplies, Veterinary Medications

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Phone Numbers:
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3860,
Primary Phone: (360) 882-277,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3870,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3880,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3740,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3890,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3616,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3840,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3920,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3810,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3800,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3960,
Primary Phone: (360) 882-2778,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3980,
Secondary Number: (360) 397-3970

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