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Sportsmans Warehouse

9401 SE 82nd Ave, Portland, OR 97086
Sportsmans Warehouse Mojo 2/ 5
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Wednesday, January 9, 2013
January 2013 Out Of Business
I traveled sixty minutes to Sportsman's to purchase a rifle scope for a 22 rifle. When I walked in the store, I thought they were closed and had gone out of business. The store has NO inventory and what they do have appears to be returns from the flea market. The staff all looked like disgrantled nuclear plant workers who informed me they were just "low" on inventory because the main HQS in Canada wants to change the look to differentiate them from the previous "Sportsmans Warehouse." I guess they may change in the future; however, I will never return as the staff and new management DO NOT have the customer in mind nor do they believe in any customer service. I believe they will be out of business by summer 2013!
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: No


Monday, March 9, 2009
No Help at the Knife Counter - For Women, Anyway!
Went into Sportsman's Warehouse and favorably impressed by knife selection. I wanted a good quality knife for field dressing the lambs that I slaughter. I had been using several old knives that just would not keep an edge, and was hoping to find a good Benchmade that would at least let me get through one carcass before I have to resharpen. Well, I stood at the knife counter looking at the knives for about 5 minutes while an employee ducked in and out, stocking and unloading boxes. Then, a man walked up, and BLAM - instantly the salesperson dropped what he was doing and asked if he could help him. I stood there another 5 minutes while he helped this fellow (who did not buy a knife, BTW). The salesperson finished with the man, wheeled on his heels and left! I had been there for 10 minutes! I can only assume I was ignored because I came from work and was in a dress. I guess he figured I was a bimbo looking for a $5 Swiss Army knock-off to pluck my eyebrows and file my fake nails while I drove my Kia to the club (more like my gnarly old Toyo 4x4 up the dirt road to my farm to field dress sheep carcasses). I was pretty irked. I contacted the store manager, and essentially got an, "Oh well, sorry". I spent over $200 on a dynamite Benchmade that is everything I dreamed it would be - and I gave my money to a competitor.

Ladies, take your $$ elsewhere! So many companies and salespeople are thrilled to help women and encourage them to share in outdoor interests and proficiency. The Sportsman's Warehouse company is based in Utah, and I suspect that misogyny is bred into their corporate culture. See the other customer's negative review posted here - maybe it is not just women getting ignored. In these financial times, I don't think Sportsman's Warehouse can afford to provide such lousy customer service.

Pros: Selection
Cons: Absence of customer service ethic!
Recommended: Yes


Monday, November 12, 2007
It's hard to find good help at the gun counter!!!!
Is it really hard to hire a good knowlegable staff that is friendlly and helpful in you firearm purchase? It must be for the crew at the 82nd store. Stood there at the gun counter for 10min with no response from anyone! the guy who was honestlly helping another couple didnt even aknowledge me standing there.......not even a glance....nothing. Large selection but poor counter service for firearms. Everything else about store was great if you know what you want so you can get in and out!

Recommended: Yes
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