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Land Rover Portland

720 NE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97232
Land Rover Portland Mojo 3/ 5
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Saturday, April 2, 2011
Service Department
First time in Land Rover Portland today and it was a very pleasant experience. Service Adviser Larry and his coworkers were very nice people and in my opinion second to none in what they do! I Recommend Land Rover Portland to All of you Land Rover owners !
Price Range: $1 - $5
Recommended: Yes


Wednesday, February 27, 2008
Trusting Land Rover of Portland is a mistake.
16 Feb 2008, my truck overheated & the engine service light came on. I had it delivered to Land Rover of Portland & told it will cost $247.00 to investigate the problem.
18 Feb 08 I was told the head gaskets has blown & the air-box was warped. I told them to replace the thermostat to be safe. I was told the air-box could possibly be the cause of the engine service light.
19 Feb 08 Randy, the service writer, called & suggested the cooling hoses should be replaced.
19 Feb 08 Randy called again about the engine service is still on & suggested the problem maybe the injectors and they would need to replace them. After a few minutes he suggested to try a cleaning process on the injectors.
20 Feb 08 Randy called & said the engine service light is still on & this time we should try the ECU. He will try the shop test ECU & see if this fix the engine light issue. Later I got a call & the ECU was the fix.
22 Feb 08 Randy called late in the afternoon that everything was fixed & I could pick up my truck. I picked up my truck after 5PM & drove from Land Rover of Portland to my office approx. 2.5 miles. It over heated again.
23 Feb 08 I returned the truck to Land Rover of Portland & to my surprise the truck did not overheat & Randy suggested to leave the truck and he'll have the foreman look over the truck.
26 Feb 08 I called Randy for information & he told me the radiator maybe the issue & he needed to have it check by an outside shop. I asked why is this not found during the investigation in the beginning? and why are they not cover under the original repair on the overheated issue. I have talked with the service manager and he said these are issues of my truck under my own responsibility. I disagreed with there troubleshooting process of try this and try that until something work, not knowing what is the real cause and pay for all the process it may not be the cause of the issue. I also talked with the general manager and he is no longer answering or returning my calls.

Pros: With my truck back, they can't charge me for more repair.
Cons: My overheated problem still not fix after thousand of dollars.
Recommended: Yes
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